Monday, April 11, 2011

Makes My Monday: Super Daddy and Super Auntie!

This weekend, my Mother of Twins Club had their Spring tag sale and I was a seller for the second time. I didn't have too much but was eager to rid of some baby items as well as a plethora of plastic toys that my parents dump on me with each of their weekly visits. The sale is quite the undertaking and sellers have to set up Friday night and work from 6am Saturday morning until about 3pm that afternoon. In my absence, Daddy and Auntie Kim stepped in to look after the kiddos - Kim in charge of Matteo and Daddy with Sebastian and Collette.

Daddy took the kids to the mall and reported back that they behaved PERFECTLY! He braved the Rain Forest Cafe where they politely ate their whole lunch and, as a special surprise for me, got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny! Apparently, they loved him and each gave him a hug before saying good-bye. Figures, right? But I'm glad they are good for him because then he'll take them out solo more often.

Auntie Kim was stuck with Matteo. I say "stuck with" because, contrary to what I thought, he is just not that into his new sippy cup. I was able to nurse him right before I left in the morning but he still nurses every two hours so he had a hard time going down for his nap without me. When he woke up, Kim brought him down to the sale (thank goodness it's just down the street from my house!) and I filled up his little tank. Then she decided to show him off and met up with a friend of hers at a cafe in Davis Square. With a full belly, he behaved like the little angel he is.

Meanwhile, I had a great time at the sale. Saw all my big stuff go off to new homes and hopefully a lot of my little stuff sold, too. I donated everything that didn't sell because Billy would've divorced me if I came back with anything. I also picked up some new things for the kids - summer clothes, rain coats, a T-ball set, sand and water table, toy lawn motor (to match the one they already have and CONSTANTLY fight over), a few books and a toy car ramp. All in all, I know I made out on the plus side by quite a lot. Definitely a success all around.

Also, to propel myself back to regular postings, I am going to commit, here and now, to an overdue post for Matteo (he's 8 months old now!!!) and a Flat Twins post - all this week. Some of you know where the Flat Twins are but for those of you who don't, stay tuned! I have some very cute pics coming :)


  1. Hi there! Coming over from Cheryl's link up! Your babies are too sweet! I have never tried one of these sales before. Need to since I have read about so many going to them. Glad you had a successful sale! I am the mother to 3 year B/G twins. Hope you don't mind me following your adventures! Take care!

  2. Sounds like a good sale on both ends of the process! How I wish we had a Rainforest Cafe...seems like such a fun family place.

    SOOO glad you are jumping back into blogging more often...your family is SOO beautiful, and thank you so much for Making My Monday by playing along! Welcome back!

  3. Now that the kids are used to Husband doing bedtime they are not nearly as nice to him. In fact, down right crazy. So definitely a playdate this coming weekend - I am giving Husband the weekend off to do landscaping. I missed the MOT sale because I ended up working on Saturday - very annoying since I wanted outdoor equipment. Maybe we could come to you on Saturday after Josephine's little AM nap (she's up by 10, 10:15). We can just play in your yard and have lunch there.

  4. I am so impressed that your husband can take the twins out to eat on his own! Neither me or my husband has yet to brave a restaurant solo.

    And I love getting rid of clutter too. I've signed up for a mom-2-mom sale next month..though it feels bittersweet to get rid of all those 1st year things.

  5. Ah clutter. I just cleaned out my own closets and donated a lot to goodwill (let's hear it for weight loss!). But I've been hanging on to all my baby stuff. Jeremy is done with kids but I can't quite bring myself to 100% commit to that idea.

  6. another try - megan


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