Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It would seem that all toddlers have those weird, quirky things they say that make us laugh but also question the lead content of the paint on the walls. Sebastian's latest obsession has him saying something that I find kind of funny and hopefully not indicative of some mental malfunction.

His obsession is with my Auntie Kim's car. Now, he has always been into cars - it was his first real word, after all. But his love of my sister's VW is really something else. It's a white Jetta (I think it's a Jetta...) - cute but nothing special, save for the fact that it brings Auntie Kim over to visit. A month or so ago, Sebastian would spot another white sedan and proclaim "Auntie Pim's Car!!" (Note that he cannot say Kim and instead says Pim. We're working on it.) In the past few weeks, he has stepped things up. Now, anything he sees that is white, even the tooth of the whale in a picture in a book is "Auntie Pim's Car." Milk coming up the straw of his sippy cup is "Auntie Pim's Car." Socks. White blocks. The mane on the unicorn rocking horse in their room. All "Auntie Pim's Car."

But that's not even where the obsession ends. Now, he can recognize the VW emblem. So whenever he spots a VW - no matter the color or model - it's also "Auntie Pim's Car." This part of the obsession has translated into finding Infinities ("Leah's Car") and Toyotas ("Auntie Stacey's Car"). The funny thing about the Toyota is that we have a Toyota. I guess he never notices our car's make.

So, what silly things are your kids saying? I know I'm not alone here! :)


  1. That is so cute, Nicole!

    Our latest is cute X 2.

    I call Kendra "Baby Girl" and Connor "little boy" and recently they started calling each other "boy" and "baby"

    Tonight she was crying because she didn't want to go to bed so Connor looks at me and says, "Mummy, Baby cry" with the inflection. I said, "I don't know why she's crying!"


    ps I see I'm not bloggerrific :) What a cool term!

  2. I love Sebby's color awareness! And pretty smart recognizing the VW's too. avery and Ella where all excited about the bunny in the yard this morning and called me to come look at the "bunny no hopping" It was a squirrel!


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