Wednesday, May 18, 2011

See, TV can teach kids stuff

I'll admit it.  We watch a lot of TV in this house.  Billy and I are serious TV watchers and the kids have followed suit.  I bounce back and forth between feeling super guilty and feeling like it probably won't matter much.  Not that that's the point of this post.  That's a post for another day.  The point is that sometimes, kids can learn stuff from their little shows.  Really important things.  Like how to do The Robot.  It was on an episode of the Fresh Beat Band.  And here are Collette and Sebastian, doing their best Robot:

 So, ya.  That's 1 point for TV watching in my book.

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  1. Pop culture is a VERY important facet of intelligence if you ask me! (Doubt I've ever seen such a happy robot as Sebbie. :) )


  2. knew they had some auntie jenn in them....

  3. I love their Robot! And I learn all my chat worthy info from TV!

  4. I'm a TV junkie and have no doubt Cameron will follow in my footsteps. I can't wait to re-watch all the Disney movies with her!

  5. My kiddos watch A LOT of TV. And though I feel guilty, I find that they learn a lot from the programs they watch. My 5 year old has had a hard time understanding the concept of counting backwards or recognizing letters. No matter how much I work with her she just never seemed to grasp it. She watches a bunch of shows that repeat episodes often. Because of that, she really understood the concepts. There all kinds of learners in the world. And clearly my 5 year old is a repeat/visual learner. I decided a long time ago, I am the parent. Not those who have a degree telling me how bad the TV is. I am almost positive that they let their kids watch TV too :-) They just wouldn't admit it.


  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lets their kids watch a lot of tv. So often I feel guilty about it especially given their lasck of communication skills, but I do notice that they are copying a lot of things on tv which they don't always do for me. I am still trying to cut out a lot of tv though, just not always doing a great job!


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