Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta: Play Group

This week was the third week of our baby play group. All the babies are within a few weeks of each other so it will be really fun to see them grow together. Here is a photo of all the babes (3 sets of twins and one lucky singleton boy). We were so creative and circled the babies up for a photo shoot. Here is the quintessential baby group picture:

So far, I think the group has been a great success. I was always skeptical at the idea of a baby playgroup before I had the babies. What the hell are 3 month olds gonna do together? Have a spit-up party? But now I have changed my tune. At this point, the babies are still pretty unaware of each other but us moms definitely get a lot out of it. We get to share war stories and give advice. Take advice. Its amazing what you can learn just by chit-chatting with other people in the same situation as you. Every group, I feel like I contribute some tidbit of knowledge and take away some knew, helpful info to make me a better mom.

So, if you are a new mom and not yet in a play group, I highly recommend it. And its a great excuse to get out of the house without spending money!

See who else is playing with Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta! You can join in, too. :)


  1. Ahh!! Babies!! I can just smell that wonderful baby smell.

  2. what sweeties...know you're busy!

  3. Well put! I thought that getting together with other moms of young babies was SO critical when my kids were little. Still critical now, of course, but at least now the kids play and we can pretend it's all about them. (It's still about us.)

  4. I love how my peyton is gonzo after she screamed her lungs out for a good 10 minutes!

  5. Oh you will see how much they mean to you. Later as the kids grow up they go to each other's birthday parties and you might even keep one or two of them as good friends. Good luck - and loved the next post! She is the one missing out!


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