Friday, March 27, 2009

Makes My Monday: Doctor Visit

Since I am so lucky to have happy, healthy babies, our 4-month doctor visit this morning is Making My Monday! Mostly, I just wanted to find out how much they grew. The gap between the babies is getting smaller: Collette weighed in at 14lbs 7oz and Sebastian 13lbs 6oz! Both are keeping right along on their growth curves so that is great news. They got their shots and did really well. Sebastian actually cried more when getting weighed (all cold and naked and what not) then he did with the shot. And Grammy was with me so it was pretty easy, in and out!

We had our MoT club tage sale this weekend and I got most of what I was looking for. We got a jumperoo, matching Peg Perego high chairs, a baby backpack, a 3-1 laying/sitting/tummy-time toy, small toys and a bunch of summer clothes. All this for about $150! And everything is in such good condition - thanks MoTs!! Can't wait for the next sale where I might actually get to sell some things.

Collette, bouncing away!

Sebastian, staring at Daddy!


Swimsuit shopping was a success. I was brave and went alone with the twins in the trusty double snap'n'go. We hit up Macy's because I knew that they had a handicapped dressing room that would fit my mile-long stroller. I tried on about ten suits, 2 of them tankinis, but ultimately settled on a one piece becuase it was the only one that wasn't obscene, cleavage-wise. Here is a pic of some other person in the swimsuit.

(I don't think she just gave birth to twins. Sigh.)

That's all folks!! What's making your Monday? Share with us over at Twinfatuation!


  1. Great news from your appointment, can't ask for more than healthy babies right? The swimsuit looks really cute! I need to go looking for another suit (I'm really bad about buying the twins each 4 or 5 suits a piece and I'm the one ending up having to put on a cold wet swimsuit when they're ready to get into the pool for the 5th time in the same day!) I tend to opt for the obsence clevage suits as I think it minimizes my post-twin mommy shape LOL

  2. That's great! Go Sebastian and Collette! Just wait until you start solids - did you get the go ahead to do that now at 4 months? We started with rice cereal at that time. But I like to start early and give my kids lots of time to "practice". I too bought toys for the kids at the MOT sale.

  3. Oh what a great haul from the MoT sale! Good for you all! The swimsuit is you'll look better in in guess is you'll be smiling! :)

    Love what Makes Your Monday...thanks for making mine by playing along!

  4. Yeah! Glad to hear the babes had a good well check! They are both so adorable!!!

  5. You are really crazy - swimsuit shopping so soon! Maybe brave is a better word. Very nice swimsuit though.


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