Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Good, the bad and the cranky

This morning was not a fun morning in the Soto household. Collette woke up at 5am (very strange for her) and was super fidgety. She wasn't crying, so I knew it wasn't hunger that was bothering her. But she just would not stop kicking and rocking and throwing her head from side to side. I gave her the pacifier but she kept losing it. I rocked her and that did the trick but as soon as I put her back down, she would start flailing again. So, I brought her into my bed where she stayed awake but quiet until about 6am when Sebastian woke up. So much for sleeping in.

Sebastian then had a very short morning nap, about 45 minutes while Collette snoozed the morning away. As I was making bottles for the day, she woke up and both of them turned hysterical. Twins. I didn't even have time to warm up their bottles! Of course, when I try to feed them slightly cool bottles, they'll have none of it. They were both wailing now and so I abandon them to go warm up the bottles. Well, I guess they did not get warm enough because the hysteria continued. Their meltdown soon became my meltdown (my first one, I have to say - I have been spoiled with meltdown-free babies up until today...). But, eventually, they calmed down, I calmed down, bottles were finished and all was right in the world again. Whew.

So, that was the bad. The good part was the aftermath. Once they were both calm and happy, it was like heaven on earth. I got to put Sebastian down for a nap and then snuggle with Collette for a while. Since the day was already wacky, I tried not swaddling Sebastian and what do you know - it wasn't so bad! Ya, the nap was only 40 minutes, give or take, but that was better than expected. And Coconut napped on the couch (that's her in the pic), also swaddle-free, so I guess that was the silver lining of the day. While I really rely on the swaddle, I'm pretty sick of having to do it 3-4 times a day, times 2 babies. Today may be the start of weaning, not sure yet though...might want to wait for Daddy to be home to tackle that one.

Deep breaths. Its only 1:30pm on Tuesday and I'm exhausted. Friday can't come fast enough.


  1. Awwww you poor thing!! i'm glad it all came under control though. that pic of coco is tooo precious!! :) i wouldve never guessed she was hysterical mere hours earlier :P

  2. Four month sleep regressions are typical (that's how old they are, right). Most moms leave behind swaddling when they do CIO; some start with one arm out. I had to spend a lot of time listening to my guy cry to stretch out the 45 min nap. Just be consistent about your approach and they'll do great. We unswaddled when we did CIO but we went back to swaddling Penny b/c she sleeps more soundly swaddled.

    P.S. Sometimes if they are desparate I have been known to microwave a bottle. But usually once you get an ounce or two in, even if cold, they calm down.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I'd pay a return visit, but I'm exhausted just thinking about twins. My youngest is 10 months old, and even with just one of her, it's a lot of work (of course she does have 3 older siblings... but still). I'll be back to see how you're holding up.

  4. Hi there.. If you decide you want to try Peke Moe for your de-swaddling, just email me and I"ll give you a discount on getting two!!
    all the best!! :)


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