Saturday, November 13, 2010

At least there's one thing we can do on the plane...

Our annual pilgrimage to the homeland (El Salvador) is fast approaching and as it does I am getting more and more concerned about how Billy and I will get through two flights (each way) outnumbered by people who still crap in their pants. Our best idea (other than drugging them, which is frowned upon despite its effectiveness) is to set each twin up with a portable DVD player and let them rot their brains for each flight. This plan will only work if they will wear headphones. So, the lovely and generous Mommy Esq. loaned us her pair. And here are the results:

Now I just need 10 hours worth of Elmo and Wiggles DVDs and we'll be all set!

PS - if you have other suggestions for airplane travel entertainment, I'm all ears. We have magna-doodles and tons of books. Coloring has been big lately, too, so we'll take some crayons along. Other ideas?


  1. We just survived about 12 hours on the plane, and the DVD player was KEY to our success. We have Backyardigans and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs, as well as movies (Cars is the only Pixar movie without a serious scary scene - my kids first watched it right around your kids' age and liked it).

    We also had the magna-doodle, and there's little waterpaint books called "Water WOW" that you can get from Amazon (other places too, I'm sure), and it's just a little brush that fills with water and "paints." Kids like it, very minimal mess factor.

    Then we had tons of snacks, and one favorite lovie each.

    Hang in there.

  2. I have some stuff that you can borrow. Magnet boards (like with little animals that you can move around), Water WOW (like Liz mentioned - we love those and they're not messy although you do need to keep track of the pen), one snack for every 30 minutes of travel time, stickers (we like to put them on the seat backs and tray tables), iPod with books on tape, Schleich animals, lots of beverages . . . I'll keep thinking.

  3. My kids love all the Toy Story movies!

  4. Hey I don't know you but just found your blog and love your twins! My son loves to read books. We took a dvd player on a trip and he didn't even watch it! He reads all the dr. suess books, anything about dinosaurs, babies, himself, etc. You can get used books super cheap on amazon or Good luck!

  5. Nicole, I also have DVDs if you want to borrow. Believe it or not but a Baby Brainy is still a hit (45 mins of letters, 45 mins of counting), a ton of Thomas, a few Sesame Street (unliked by my kids). Come by and borrow what you want. I'm so happy they actually are wearing the headphones. We did try them about 4 months ago without success but maybe the next time we take a long trip Ned and Penny will actually use them.

  6. I can't get Gemma to wear headphones but she will need them on our Thanksgiving flight. What brand are those headphones, they look much more comfortable than mine

  7. I'm also scared of the flying with twins thing. Ours happens in 19 days............. :)


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