Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Appreciating the cuteness

Lately, I have been feeling the SAHM blues some more, what with the toddler whining, eating strikes, toy fights and infant juggling. To be brutally honest, there are lots of times where my kids kind of annoy me. My threshold for whining is so just so low. I've been having a hard time enjoying this age. I keep fantasizing about them as older, more rational, agreeable beings. All the things we'll be able to do, the things they'll be able to tell me and understand.

But the other day, I had a neighbor/friend/fellow twin momma over for a playdate since we were both flying solo over the weekend. She had 3 kids, too, but did hers the other way around - one first, then twins. Her oldest is nearly 4 and her twins are just 6 months old (and crazy adorable!). Anyway, her son is a typical preschooler. He always wanted to be talking to the grownups, asked a million questions, needed us to explain everything to him, wanted us to watch everything he did, etc. He is a very sweet boy, but it was exhausting, too.

Later, when it was just me and my twins again, I realized, after gaining some perspective, that this age is actually quite cute. They run up to me with unabashed glee and throw their arms around my neck. They run around saying my name because they're so excited to tell me something really important like, "my shoes!!!" or "B!" They still like to play peekaboo. And they are just so tender and sweet at this age. I need to keep all this in mind those times when they start to press all my buttons with the epic whining...


  1. I truly feel that my toddler are way more interesting/exciting than my infant and I am enjoying my maternity leave more because of it. They ask for hugs ("Hug! Hug!") and can sort of tell me what is wrong (although every little thing sets them off). I realize more why people want to be with their kids with them at this age. So hang in there - yours will be there in another month or two and you'll feel differently. When Josephine (my infant) is fussy I'm all "why!!" since she can't tell me. At least with the twins I can send them to time out and they can overly express their frustrations...

  2. I had to laugh at "rational".... my 4.5 year olds are completely irrational most of the time! ha !

  3. OH MAMA!!!! Sending hugs... bwahahahahaha My gremlins just turned 3 and my husband is active duty... we fly SOLO A LOT!!!! and it can be overwhelming at times, but you are right... there are those little moments, that look, that smile, that hug... SEE? now I'M smiling.. heheheheheh


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