Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Foodie: Homemade Hummus

For a while, I have been thinking about incorporating more food posts into this blog. I tried to start a food blog but I just don't have the time to devote to it. And I didn't want to put random recipes on a blog that's supposed to be about me and my kids and family but, in reality, food and family intersect quite a bit. 3 times a day, in fact. And I have posted here and there about cooking food, especially for the kids, so I decided that I would make Fridays my food post day. This isn't intended to be a meme (am I even using that term correctly?) but if you'd like to join in, I'd love you to, if only so that I can cook your favorite recipes for my family!

To kick things off, I am writing about hummus. Pretty simple stuff that most of us buy at the grocery store. Collette loves it. Like, eat it by the spoonful. Well, handful - who am I kidding? That girl won't let a spoon slow her down when there's hummus around. However, hummus isn't cheap - the big tub (16oz.) is $5! Collette could eat half that in the blink of an eye. At first, I was upset that she wouldn't eat it on pita or a sandwich. I wanted the bread to slow her down and fill her up so the hummus might last a few days. Big shocker - Collette won the hummus battle. But that's ok. Because I remembered that making your own hummus is super easy. I did try it once and it didn't come out well but that's when I only had a blender. I now have a food processor and knew it could do the job.

I used this simple recipe. As I make it more often, I'm sure I'll play around with flavors. Weelicious also has some great twists on hummus that I'll be giving a try eventually. Now that I have made it once (and it tastes great!) I will never buy hummus again. And the cost can't be beat. I did a little back of the envelope calculation and my 16 oz of hummus cost me a little more than $1 to make. I do cook my own chickpeas (instead of canned beans) and that also brings the cost down. But still. Such a deal.

I have lots more on my list of things to make from scratch because we go through them so fast. Next up is probably tortillas. We gotta stay in touch with out Latin roots here at la Casa de Soto. If they come out well, I'll put that up next Friday.

Bon Apetit!


  1. I use Cook's Illustrated recipe for hummus:

    Adding the tahini and oil last make it super creamy and fluffy. I also like the addition of cumin.

    We make pancakes in huge batches on weekends too!

  2. Aaron says we need to hang out more so I can become as an accomplished a cook as you are (I told him you were making homemade hummus while I was taking Ned and Penny to McDonalds...).

  3. We love hummus in our house. I keep saying I'm going to make it but haven't yet. I printed out your recipe and will try it this week! Looking forward to more friday foodies.

  4. Was your hummus really thick? Did you just add oil to thin it? Maybe I did something wrong to have it come out so thick.

  5. Yes, it was thicker than store bought, which is what I prefer because then its less messy for the kids. However, if you need it to be thinner, you can add a bit of olive oil and enough chick pea broth to get the smoothness you need. You could add a bit more lemon juice and tahini but those will change the taste if you add too much.


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