Monday, July 20, 2009

Makes My Monday: Bye Bye Buckets!!

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We finally bit the bullet and purchased convertible car seats. We estimate that Collette is pushing 19 lbs, getting her very close to the 22 lb cut off for our bucket car seats. And obviously (I think...) I wouldn't switch just one baby so Sebastian gets the upgrade as well. After some google-research and bank account consideration, we decided to go with the Graco My Ride 65s. I think they're new, as I had never heard of them a month or so ago when I first started looking at convertible seats.

First off, they are enormous! But I read reviews and people seemed very happy with seat. Plus, I have a minivan so if its gonna fit in any car, its gonna fit in mine. We didn't have time to install them yesterday so we'll probably do that next weekend when Billy gets back. (He just started a new project, again in NJ, after being home for 2 weeks. *sniff sniff*) Besides being huge, though, they are quite cute and not as heavy as a comparable Britax. They fit babies up to 40lbs rear facing and up to 65 lbs forward facing. So, we will be in these seats for a looooooong time. That, in addition to the great discount we got (retails for $170 but was on sale, plus twin discount, plus a 15% off coupon got them down to $115 each), make them a great investment. IMO.

It will be sad to say goodbye to the double snap'n'go, with all its lightweight convenience and limo-like length. Not sure if it will be replaced by our very well-used double Maclaren umbrella stroller or the jogging stroller, which isn't as difficult to get in and out of the car as I thought it would be. I'm considering getting yet another double stroller and selling the Maclaren but not really sure if its in the budget. I like the Combi double (around $200) and also the City Mini (a whopping $400) but will have to at least give our double umbrella a chance before we shell out anymore money on baby gear. Twins sure are expensive...

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  1. Great deal on your new seats. Hope they work out for you guys. We have the Combi Twin Sport and love it! The only thing is you have to remember to put the umbrella shades up before folding the stroller. They get pretty bent out of shape if you don't remember to fold them up:)

  2. carla gutzeit thisseJuly 20, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Ahhh yes, the days of carrying a sleeping infant seemlessly from car to stroller are over... oh well... at least they'll be more comfy in their big convertables!

  3. Right when I switched the carseats, I had a week or so of missing the convenience of the buckets. But really, it's so nice to be done with the snap & go.

    As for new strollers, I really think that getting a good one is worth the money. I got a used Maclaren at the last sale that I'm really happy with and use for everyday, and I wouldn't trade in my Bob for anything.

  4. Yeah for milestones :) Cute seats!! And holy deal - go you :)

  5. I never missed the infant car seats. It's so much easier to put a child in a forward facing seat. Now just wait until they can buckle and unbuckle themselves...

  6. that is a cute car seat but awesome that you got such a great deal on them! good luck on the stroller front. We are getting out of the stroller stage with our twins (now 2.5) but our lil guy (6 mos) takes a ride once in a while. We just got a basic, cheap stroller for him but I often just 'wear' him in my Ergo. Love that convenience! But a stroller is nice to have at times, too!

    Stopping in from MMM!

  7. Big carseats - Yay! I remember the day we said goodbye to our carrier carseats- sniff, sniff. But it is so much easier I think with the bigger carseats. Can't wait to see a picture of them in their new seats!

  8. We were concerned about having twins for our second and bought a mini-van. Twins are expensive even if you don't have them.


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