Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Serious Applicants Only, Please

In search of: Human merry-go-round

Responsibilities: Keep my son in constant motion so that he doesn't drive me crazy doing this. All day.

Qualifications: Two arms, two legs and ability to spin around for extended periods of time without falling down or getting sick.

Compensation: Occasional home-cooked meal and unlimited play time with a very cute pug.

Serious Applicants Only.


  1. haha...that sounds very familiar!

  2. hahah i totally want that job!!!!! does it include board? if so, im moving back immediately! hehe :)

  3. Oh ... what a sad little face! Wish I could "apply"! Hang in there, Mom!

    Small Footprints

  4. God, that sounds like Ned. I'm sorry. Ned has gotten better since crawling so maybe that will work for you.

  5. Oh, the fussing! He is a such cutie though. I totally want to pick him up. Watch out with that remote- my girls busted ours. Only half the buttons work now. The older they get, the more they learn to break things in new and exciting ways.

  6. We've got whiny and whinier over at our place. And for the past few days, 6:30 is the new 7:30am. Lovely.


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