Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The Soto family is on a staycation of sorts. Billy is between projects, working for the Man, so he took this week off. We may have made plans to go somewhere (maybe some place where it doesn't rain all the time) but it was so last minute that his vacation had to be a simple staycation.

What that means for me is that I pretty much get to do the same thing I always do except I only have to do half the work. Roughly. I won't keep score. And despite the rain, we are trying to make the best of what the area has to offer. We went to the Stone Zoo on Monday. The sun was out and babies were in a good mood. The zoo doesn't have much but it was fun enough - at least a new place to push around the stroller. The highlight was seeing a jaguar throw up. Hot.

Billy with the twins, saying hi to the dying reindeer. (OK, he wasn't dying, he was just losing his hair and growing new antlers for summer, but it looks a lot like dying.)

Yesterday was a total wash out - literally, crazy down pour T-storms in the afternoon. We had planned on doing lunch out with the babies after picking up our CSA share. But, Billy had to take some weird, cryptic call for work with some lawyers and he was supposed to be in a "quiet place where no one could hear him." He figured he could just take the call from the car while I walked around the shops with the babies. Well, the rain was so bad we couldn't even get out of the car to go into the restaurant. So, he took the call from the car, in the parking lot of the shopping plaza with the rain so loud that I was sure he couldn't hear a word those lawyers were saying. And then the thunder and lightning got the babies all worked up and I was in the back trying to keep them from crying hysterically. Good times.

Not sure what's on the docket for the rest of the week. We're hoping to go to the beach, or at least the shore and eat some good seafood. 'Tis the season for fried clams and lobster rolls. And on Sunday, the twins will be baptized - I'll be sure to report on that, of course!

So, if you don't see me here for a few more days, it's because I am spending quality time with my family.

PS - I totally need a new camera. I have photo-envy of all those other bloggers out there. Any suggestions??


  1. We went to the Stone Zoo on Sunday - it was our first "spontaneous" outing. The kids liked the famingoes because they move around a lot. We also saw the "sick" reindeer. While I have camera envy for Goddess's camera I would say that a point and shoot pocket size one guarantees I always have it on hand so I'd recommend that type.

  2. Nikon D 80....still can be point and shoot but takes amazing photos. Just be ready to carry around a bigger camera. OK going back under my rock now!;)

  3. Enjoy your staycation!

    The question is this: how much do you know about photography? If you know some of the basics about playing with shutter speed and aperture and whatever, I'd get a Nikon D40. It's the entry-model DSLR, and no need to go nuts with a fancier version unless you get really into photography.

    The D80 Just Kristen mentioned is great, but no longer being sold in stores (they cycle their models in and out a lot). So the consumer ones available right now are the D40, the D60, and the D90. I'd go for the D40 if you're going the DSLR route.

    If you don't think you'll bother too much with manual settings, I'd get a good point & shoot. I got my mom a Sony Cybershot for Christmas and she's happy with it. It kind of looks more like a DSLR and takes great pictures, but it's mostly automatic.

  4. I have both a DSLR Canon 20D (they're up to the 50D now) and a point and shoot olympus. I love both, but I love the ability to always have my olympus and it takes great pictures. The DSLR's are great, but so big. Personally I like Canon, but I know Nikons are great cameras.

  5. For point and click, we use a Canon Powershot SD850. Works pretty well...we've always been happy with Canon.

  6. Glad to listen in on the camera recommendations, ever since being dropped the third time (in a 2 inch puddle) my camera hasn't been the same. The screen is a little blurry and only half works so its like the olden days when you didn't know what you got until you got the pics developed! Have a fun staycation and happy photo shopping!


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