Friday, July 9, 2010

38 Weeks and Counting

I just got back from my OB appointment and not much going on. She didn't do an internal exam and I got the impression that she wouldn't do another one. Blood pressure and weight were fine and no protein in the urine so still smooth sailing.

Also, I must have misunderstood when she said I would have an ultrasound around 38 weeks because she said they will do one when I get to the hospital and am in labor to double check the Matteo's position. If at that point they see that he is breech, they will get the OR ready for a repeat c-section. To be honest, I'm kind of bummed because I would like a little more heads up than that. Either way, I'm sure everything will be fine but I am mentally preparing for a VBAC and will be very disappointed if I can't have one.

I realized I haven't talked a lot about why I am so intent on having this baby the old-fashioned way. So, here are my reasons:
  1. My first c-section was traumatic. Not so much the operation itself, although that was no fun. Being pinned down crucifix-style and vomiting off to the side while your baby is being born is not what we all dream about. The recovery was the really traumatic part, most of which had to do with my blood pressure/preeclampsia but still. Those memories will always be associated with the c-section and its hard for me to separate the two. I'm sure labor will be painful like I can't even imagine but so was trying to walk to the bathroom for the first time after the twins were born. It was excruciating and humiliating and not something I want to relive, regardless of how painful labor will be. I'd rather have the pain giving birth than after the baby is here. I don't want my pain to get in the way of caring for him. (I know that I probably won't experience that same kind of pain if I have a c-section this time, but like I said, it's hard for me to separate the two in my mind)
  2. I'm curious to know what labor feels like. That may sound silly but it's the truth.
  3. I'd rather let Matteo come on his time than on my time. Having premature babies who had no interest in leaving the womb, this issue is a sensitive one for me. So, if he wants to cook until the end of July, so be it! (Although I'd be cool if he were ready to come some time next week. I promise I'll have clean clothes for you, TaterTot)
  4. I don't like doctors and an operation involves a lot more doctors than a traditional birth. I assume that there is more doctor follow up after as well, but that's just my guess. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
And here is my latest belly picture, taken at 37 weeks, 1 day (I'm 38 weeks as of tomorrow). Holy stretch marks!

I look so much bigger than last month. Yikes!


  1. You're getting so close! I know what you mean about experiencing labor. If I were to have another baby, I think I would at least discuss the possibility of a VBAC, just to have the experience. My c-section wasn't bad at all, so I wouldn't mind either way, really. Hope you're staying cool and getting a little rest!

  2. Hon, yay for VBAC. I was so traumatized by the C-section that I've only recently started talking about it with my therapist. Maybe some day I'll be enough at peace with it be able to write about it.

    I hope Matteo chooses to cooperate fully. :)

  3. You look great Nicole and I am so excited for you. Just and FYI, you can and should insist on an U/S to verify the babies position, if it's really important to you. It's highly unlikely that the baby would turn now and it would definitely help you to prepare. Your OB isn't the one doing it (usually) so it's not like it's any additional time/trouble for them. Just saying, many women have an U/S purely for gender and fetal position confirmation all the time, where I have worked. If you're still anxious to know, I'd ask her at your appt next week if you can have an U/S done or if they have a machine in the office, she could take a peek.

    I am sending prayers your way for a successful VBAC!

  4. I totally get your reasons for having a VBAC. I so tried to have one with the twins, but Thomas just did not want to cooperate. Like you i had pre-eclampsia, but with both pregnancies. With Michael, I pushed for 3 hours and he was just plain old stuck, so off for a c-section. Labor wasn't that bad. Though it certainly was painful, I don't have horrible memories of it or even my c-section with either pregnancy. As for being mentally prepared, I was prepared for either, but hoping and praying for a VBAC. The wed before the twins were born, Thomas was head down. Friday when my blood pressure shot up, he was breech. My OB told me and my husband, that the baby is the one that will decide how he/she was born. We didn't realize how true it was until we delivered all our babies. I have to admit that I would love to get pregnant again just to have a vaginal birth and breast feed!

  5. Tanya is keeping me posted on your progress, (I ask all the time!) I'm crossing my fingers Mr. Matteo will cooperate and you can have that VBAC. Take care and rest up!
    HEIDI (Tanya' friend and mom to Rocco)


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