Friday, July 23, 2010

We're Ready!

With Matteo's due date officially on the horizon (tomorrow!!!), we have just finally finished preparing for his arrival. Not that all of it was necessary but I'm glad that everything on my "get done before you have this baby" wish list is actually complete. Even a pedicure! (Thanks, Fav Auntie!).

Matteo's room is not 100% tidied up but beyond ready for what he will need. I still have some hand-me-downs to wash but they are mostly 12-month clothes so no rush. Otherwise, we're ready to go. Sheets are clean, dresser is built and full, windows are dressed, etc., etc. As promised, here is a picture of the finished product:

Hopefully you can make out that it is a jungle theme - Fav Auntie even got us some real-life animal photos that are hanging above the dresser.

But before Matteo gets whisked away to this magical jungle, he gets the privilege of sleeping in my closet. Yes, he will be bunking in there, in a bassinet, so I can easily get up to feed him but we have a door to keep his baby noises a little quieter while we try to sleep. Here is the set up so far, complete with glider:

Hopefully, this will work out for us. Most people I mentioned it to were not horrified, as I imagined they might be, but agreed that it was a good idea. We shall see.

In birth plan/VBAC news, my OB is letting me go until Wednesday before trying to induce with pitocin. In the meantime, I have an non-stress test and ultrasound scheduled for Monday and an appointment with her scheduled on Tuesday. I was only 1cm dialated and 50% effaced at my appointment this past Wednesday so there is a chance it could come down to my being induced. I hope that's not the case, though. We are hoping for him to make his way on Sunday. It's a very special day on the Mayan calendar (don't ask...) and my mom has the day off so win-win.

For now, I'm off to bed, thinking contracting thoughts. We're ready Tater Tot - are you??


  1. Love the closet!! The nursery looks great! You have a nursery and a big kid room now! How exciting :) I will be thinking labor thoughts for you!

  2. saw your blog through chantals. I have twin boys about the age of your twins. Congrats on the new addition.

  3. Good luck. The room is adorable!

  4. Yeah! I can't wait to visit you all! Closet seems great - close enough to hear but not so close you will hear his noises (sleeping with a 7 week old this week has been tough). I hope for the best and can't wait to see you all. Good luck!

  5. Oh, I LOVE Matteo's nursery, it's perfect! The closet is great! My sister and her husband had a 1 bedroom when they had their first baby and converted their walk-in closet into a "nursery" with just a crib and a small dresser. It was a small space, but perfectly safe and quiet and super cute. I think it's a great idea! Can't wait to hear the BIG news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Looks faboosh! And you know I love a jungle theme ;)

  7. Awww....Get yourself walking today!!
    How amazing is it to be full term!! :)

  8. so exciting!!!!!!!!! ahhh i cant believe i'm gonna be an auntie again!! :) thanks for the 2 shout-outs (in 1 blog post, woah!). im glad u finally got the pedi. annnnd, can we get a pic of the wall w/the San Diego Wild Animal Park pics hanging? :) cell phone pic will do! can't wait to meet you Matteo!

  9. oh and i see the pug piggy bank i got tater tot too (or i guess it could be a "puggy bank"). haha i'm glad you remembered it!!! :)

  10. Nicole, the nursery looks super cute, and the closet is a great idea! I wanted Eva to sleep in our room in the beginning, but after one night in which none of us got any proper rest, she has been sleeping in her nursery, and it's worked out much better! Doors and a little distance work wonders!
    I will be thinking good labor thoughts for you; I hope everything goes great, and I can't wait to see pics of baby Matteo!


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