Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Yet

I realize I have not posted in a while and thought that might give the impression that I was too busy having a baby to blog. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Still very much pregnant through yet another heat wave. F*** you, summer!

Quick updates, as it's late and I'm sleepy:

Next OB appointment is Wednesday where I will get another internal exam and hopefully get some reconfirmation that Matteo is head down. Also, I spoke with my OB about different scenarios and it seems that there is certainly wiggle room on when I can go into labor - she will let me go up to about a week late, depending on other factors. She also said if need be, we could try inducing with Pitocin but nothing stronger than that. So, good news for a VBAC.

Also, I feel gross writing this but I want to be an honest pregnant woman and tell it like it is. Sometimes, it feels like the baby is pushing down so much he might fall out. The closest comparison I can make is when you put a tampon in but can still feel it, like you did it wrong and didn't get it in the right way. Like I said, gross but honest. It's a very odd feeling and one I'm hoping means that he is almost ready to make his debut.

In toddler news, Sebastian and Collette have both "learned" a number. That number is 2. They skipped right over 1 which I suppose is appropriate, with them being twins and all. I guess that means they should hurry up and learn 3. Sebastian also knows the letter C. Not sure if Collette knows that one as she is not as eager to label things - she is way too cool for that. They are adding vocabulary more quickly, in general, but still not putting two words together so still much progress to make on the speech front. Quite frankly, I'm not that worried about it anymore. They understand so much of what I say and what Billy says to them in Spanish that I think the rest is just a matter of time. We'll continue speech therapy as long as they qualify through EI because I like the services and the feedback but I won't be stressing about it. I have enough to worry about with a baby on the way! :)

Last thing - we are almost done Matteo's room so I will post pictures soon. It's livable but we still have some decorative things to put up.

Stay cool! I'm off to Lala-land...


  1. This heat (and humidity) have been brutal. I can only imagine how not fun it would be to be very pregnant right now. Hopefully you're finding ways to keep cool.

    Glad to hear that all is well on the pregnancy front and that Sebastian and Collette are doing well. Sounds like you've got the right attitude about their language development. I'm sure it will come. Buba struggled for a while and then all of a sudden his language skills just took off. So much so that he no longer qualifies for EI. Your guys will get there too. :o)

  2. yayy!! decorative things aka wicked cool jungle animal photos from SD wild animal park :) so funny about that "gross" feeling- i know what you mean and thats actually how i've always thought pregnancy would feel toward the end! weirrrrd :) hope tater tot pops out soon!

  3. Go you! Very hardcore and awesome you've gone full term and plan a VBAC. Hope the delivery goes blissfully well, looking forward to seeing pics of the little guy :)


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