Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Coming Full Circle

When I was learning to drive, my parents had a super-cool Plymouth Voyager. With faux wood grain stripe on the side. Naturally, I didn't care too much, so long as I got to learn to drive. And I did learn to drive the behemoth. And then I got my own car - a convertible! woo hoo!! - and was free from looking like a Suburban Soccer Mom. Until now.

Our lease on our Equinox is up in May so we decided to start test driving cars now. We thought we would look at some SUVs and some minivans. But, after a bit of thinking, it was clear that going the minivan route made the most sense. We settled on the Toyota Sienna and started the paperwork this weekend. We would have finished the paperwork but, much to the salesman's dismay, the babies needed to get home for bedtime and signing papers would have taken too long. So, as of this Friday (when we pick up the car with Daddy), I will have officially come full circle. From learning to back the Voyager into our parking space and merging with highway traffic with my nervous mom in the passenger seat, to being the mom worrying about her kids safety in the back - and I'm only 27. Yikes!

I'll be sure to post some pics of the twins in our new ride. Still can't believe I'm excited about a minivan...but I really am!

I have to give a shout out to my fellow MOTS and bloggers for a fun night-out yesterday. It's so nice to see adults that I'm not related/married to - no offense Mom, sister, husband. Because we have these two thing in common, blogging and mothering twins, it makes talking and getting to know each other very easy and relaxed. Definitely no small talk at this table. Also, I had two adult beverages (hurrah!!) and was not hungover this morning so that's a success in my book. Ya, doesn't take much these days. So, thanks Goddess in Progress, Mommy Esq., The Finbergs, What a Card, Zimmer Zoo and Snickollet. Zimmer Zoo has photographic evidence of the event - we all look so happy to be out!

Join in the Wordful Wednesday fun at Seven Clown Circus and see who else is playing, too!


  1. LOL...I learned to drive in a voyager too! I am sure it had marshmellows for wheels and it had this strange AC problem that dumped BUCKETS of cold water down your legs whenever you made a left turn (seriously, I am not kidding!) and then battery died A LOT...all this was fine since I worked as a lifeguard..aka..could wear a swimsuit and could get wet and could snag myself a big strong man to help me jump my mommy-mobile. HAHAHA...thanks for bringing me back!

  2. I learned in a Suzuki Samurai, what a bouncy little jeep that was!
    I LOVE your header picture. They are adorable!

  3. I learned to drive when I was thirteen in a Jeep Wrangler (stick shift, no less!). But I learned to parallel park in a Toyota Previa, which was huge and impossible to figure out the dimensions.

    I love my Sienna, too. It did feel weird to buy a minivan before I was 30, but I got over it. I adore that thing. Did you get the remote-control doors?? A must-have.

  4. you forgot 2 things: your REAL first car was a 20 foot long boat that had a big red bow around it on christmas morning. also, you crashed that super cool convertible before it could get handed down to your younger sister! boooo!

    also, don't forget when the minivan horn would randomly go off every time we turned a corner! and we'd pretend like we were waving to someone! lol :P

  5. this post rocks. i have the same one - haha!!! i love it!!!


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