Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is the day I "celebrate" the end of my 28th year on this planet. What an inconsequential birthday - 28. Although, 27 was pretty boring and uneventful, too. And its all just getting me closer to 30, which I'm OK with.

I was talking to Billy this morning about how I don't feel different. I'm just two short years away from 30 and I was thinking how I should feel like a grown-up. I've done all the grown-up things: got married, worked full-time, bought a house, got a dog, and had two kids. Really, what else is there to make me feel like an adult? But when I think of myself as an 18 year old, I see the same person. It's still the same voice in my head. I still have a shirt that I got as a junior in high school (see left). Maybe its because I always thought of adults as tall, with my mom being nearly 6 feet. Of course, I knew I would never be tall no matter how old I got (probably I'll shrink...) but I still thought I would feel different. More sophisticated. Wiser. I don't know. I like my "adult" life and I'm happy so this isn't some kind of complaint. More of a surprise, I guess.

So, am I the only one who is surprised how ageing doesn't really feel like ageing?

Anyway, today will be good but good in the new meaning of good. I can't play hookie from work like I used to (see what a responsible grown up I have been!!) or go party all weekend. My mom and dad will watch the babies (sleep) tonight so Billy and I can go see a movie. And my dad will be steaming lobster for us before we head out. He always gets me lobster for my b-day. Apparently, it has been my favorite food since I was 3. Not sure when I first tried it but the story goes that we were at some kind of fair and my mom asked me what I wanted to eat, like a hot dog or something, but instead I demanded lobster. Ya, I'm no cheap date!

Today is also my niece's birthday and she turns 2!! This is the best part of my birthday because I really think I'm too old to celebrate and now we can just celebrate her instead. And she is such a sweet girl - I wish I got to spend more time with her but my own nuggets keep me pretty tied up. Here is Moe (short for Morgan), looking ever so cute in her Uggs:

AND I got my first blog award from Rocio at You and Me Plus Three! Thank you so much for selecting me as one of your "awardees" - and you didn't even realize that it would be my first birthday gift of the day! So cool. I'm supposed to pass this on to 15 other bloggers - that's a lot...I will get crackin' on that soon. Promise.

Lastly, Billy had a birthday surprise for me. Usually he works from home on Fridays but today is their company "Give Back" day where they do some volunteer work in Boston. He secretly took the day off, pretended to leave for work after we put the twins down for their nap and came back home with flowers, breakfast and my present - a brand new HP Scanjet photo/document scanner!! Needless to say, plan on seeing a lot of old pictures of me. A photo scanner in the hands of a blogger with no shame is a dangerous combination. Friends and family: Beware.

And now I expect lots of comments. I can ask because its my birthday and I can do whatever I want. Biatch!

PS - Best Birthday Wish: "Wow! 28. Almost 100." ~ my dad Thanks, Dad.


  1. haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY againnn! well at least dad can't call you an "old maid" or "Pac man" (my personal fav). that shirt in the pic, omg THROW IT AWAY! holy abercrombie & fitch cerca 1996! see you next wknd! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Nicole, what a great past year for you!!!!! You've done so much with your life and your babies are lucky to have you as a mommy! Have an even better year this year!!! Rachel

  3. Happy Birthday Nicole! As the kiddos get older they are going to be so excited to help you celebrate yor birthday. Lots of priceless homemade gifts are not far away =) Enjoy your lobster and the movie, Robyn

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day overall.

    I have to say, it was only as I turned 30 and my kids are approaching 2 that I'm starting to feel a little bit older. Not in a bad way, but starting to realize I'm not 24 anymore. :-)

  5. Happy Birthday - you're such a young mom! Have fun with Billy - what are you going to see? I recommend Star Trek even though it seems like a guy movie it was really good.

  6. Happy Birthday Nicole! Have a great time tonight!

  7. Happy Birthday! (so, I got it on the right date on FB, just a little late over here...sorry!!)

    Sounds like a fabulous day :) And no, you're not alone in that "adult" thing...I keep wondering when I'll feel like one too! LOL Oh sure, there are days I feel OLD, but that's different than feeling ADULT.

  8. Happy Birthday, Nicole, and thanks for the laugh. I busted a gut when your header popped up on the screen. Those are cute babies.


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