Monday, June 29, 2009

Makes My Monday: Twinvasion!!

Oh, how naive I was. I thought I could keep at least part of my home looking baby-free. My formal living room is rather dangerous for rolling babies what with hard-edged sofas and tables and wood floors. So, it seemed natural to keep the twins out of this area of the house, to protect them and our relatively expensive furniture. Here's what my dining room/living room used to look like:

However, lugging twins up and down two flights of stairs to feed them solids 3 times a day was starting to wear on me. Especially now that they are getting heavy, my back is taking a serious beating. And I think eventually it will get hot here in good old Massachusetts so spending all day on the third floor won't be so enjoyable. The logical solution: move the baby operation to the first floor, at least for the summer. But probably until they are walking. So, we rearranged the furniture, got a floor mat to protect their noggins and brought some toys and gear from upstairs to keep them entertained. Here's what things look like now:

They have now officially taken over. For such small people, they certainly take up a lot of space. And although my dreams of maintaining a baby-free area in my home have been dashed, it is so much easier to get things done when you don't have to shuttle two infants up and down stairs all day - and that is Making my Monday!

Also, check me out over here today to read about our day as "locavores."


  1. Wow, you had a busy weekend with the cooking challenge and rearranging furniture.

    I think its great you have moved downstairs for the time being. Like you said in a prior post...why make things harder. You will save yourself so much time not having to go up and down the stairs all day.

  2. haha this makes my monday too! im so lazy, its so much energy when i stay at your house going up & down those stairs all the time :P YAYYY! and omg theyre sitting so well now!!

  3. Oh I LOVE the "accessorizing" the twins have done in your gorgeous home! :)

    (and I think your attitude is PERFECT!)

    Thank you for playing along and Making My Monday, Nicole!

  4. Found you through Makes my Monday! We moved out of our three-story when we found out the boys were on the way, so I can totally relate to your dilemma!

  5. don't twins just fill up your adult space so quickly. I think our dining room is on their hit list next.

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