Monday, June 8, 2009

Makes My Monday: Birthday Weekend

What a great birthday weekend to make my Monday. Relaxing and enjoying the good weather is just what the doctor ordered and certainly prepares me for Billy's departure.

So, why was this weekend good? Well, for my loyal readers, you know that it was my birthday weekend. I turned a whopping 28 on Friday. My dad got us 3lb steamed lobsters and they were delicious!!! Then, we headed out to the movies and saw "The Hangover". This was kind of a guy movie but hilarious! Of course, you know you're a mom when the whole time, you worry about the poor baby and omigod why aren't they running to CVS to buy some formula and feed that poor baby and omigod, that baby isn't in a car seat and omigod, it's Vegas and sunny and I'm pretty sure that baby needs a sun hat and some sunscreen, ahhhhhh!!! Sheesh - they were right. Having a baby does change everything. Now I even worry about fictional infants...

On Saturday, we loaded up the babies and went to my niece's birthday bash. It was pretty low-key. We had some hot dogs and other grilled meats while we watched the big kids try to catch fish with their little nets in the pond. The weather was perfect and, except for the spider that tried to lay eggs in my skin on the way home, it was a wonderful day! PS - Thanks, Billy, for saving me from aforementioned spider.

And on Sunday, we picked up our fourth double stroller. It was a steal at $50 and will replace the snap'n'go as our stroller of choice for running errands. Its a Mclaren and retails for $200 so I was pretty psyched to find one in good condition for cheap. The fabric could use a washing but its works perfectly and that's all I really cared about.

On that note, is this a twin thing or do singleton moms also have a stroller for every conceivable occasion?

Lastly, an update on the adventures of making my own baby food, because I know you have been waiting: I'm a dumbass. There's a reason why Gerber makes millions of dollars a year and I...don't. I needed some more bananas and was looking for the ripe ones because they mash up better. I spotted some with the brown splotches and they were huge - score! I got home and read this label on one of them. It said: Colombian Plantain. Riiiiiiight. That's why they were so much bigger than all the other bananas. Awesome.
Lucky for me, babies can eat plantains at this age. It cooked up fine and is kind of like a banana crossed with a white potato - sweet but also starchy. I mixed it up with some papaya this morning and the babies gobbled it up. Crisis averted yet plans to go global with my baby food business have been tabled.

So, fill us in! What got you going today?? Link up with Cheryl at Twinfatuation so we can read all about it.


  1. Too funny about the plantains! Hee :) Glad you had a fun birthday...Happy Birthday to you!

  2. I have only one and a fascination with strollers and all baby gear. Sad thing is, Hailey is already 2 1/2, so the need for the baby gear is almost no longer. :( makes me so sad!!

  3. You need a single stroller. Man, ours has come in handy with all P's appointments.

  4. I didn't know there are so many types of strollers =) I only have one. It has 3 wheels so its perfect for the bumpy city sidewalks and gravel walking paths. My car seat snaps right in. Best of all I only need to pull one strap to collapse it so I can hold Gemma in my other arm at the same time!

  5. LOVE that your babies got some plaintains! Good for you! ;) (You never need to 'fess up that you thought they were bananas...just expanding their diet!)

    Happy belated birthday, Nicole, and thanks for playing along with Makes My Monday!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Very jealous of your stroller bargain :)


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