Monday, June 15, 2009

Makes My Monday: First Farmer's Market

Saturday was our town's first farmers market of the season and we loaded up the twins and the pug and made our way through the crowds. We didn't buy much but picked up some strawberries, asparagus, cheese, tomatoes and potatoes. And the common was packed! This is our first time going and we were so surprised to see so many families. And dogs! Lola was in her glory - she made friends with a couple Boston Terriers and a Lab puppy. Sebastian and Collette got their share of attention, too. It's funny - strangers always say the same things to us: "Twins?? Wow - a boy and girl, so lucky!" and "She's bigger than him, how weird!!" Yes, I am lucky and no, it's not weird, but thanks.

Here they are, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine at the Market.

The asparagus was DELICIOUS and the strawberries could not have been juicier. Not sure yet what we will do with the potatoes but I want to do something more than just mashed. And I will have to get my creative cooking juices flowing because tomorrow we pick up our first CSA share!! We will get some more strawberries, some asparagus, herbs, lettuce, mixed greens and some other veggies that I don't know how to cook. What A Card gave me some good tips on what to do with extras or stuff that I don't like. I'm sure I will be asking her, and anyone else out there, for some ideas on what to do with everything I get. For example, I will get chard at some point and I don't know what it is, what it looks like or how to cook it. It'll be a great learning experience this summer!!

All those fresh fruits and veggies are making my Monday - what about you?? Check out Twinfatuation for more Monday makers.


  1. Hi Nicole! Here is a link to some posts we put up about chard on our food blog:

    As you'll notice we hardly post to our food blog anymore now that the twins have arrived!

  2. Okay, Nicole. I have to be honest; rarely do veggies make me happy, but those two little cuties taking in the farmers' market? Make My Monday in spades!

    Thanks for Making My Monday by playing along!

  3. Your twins are absolutely adorable ... and they look so happy! How cool that they are already farmer's market shoppers. :)

    Isn't this time of year just great? Farmer's markets open and CSA boxes become available. Fresh local produce tastes so good and, I'm sure, is so much healthier. And ... it's good for the earth. A total win-win activity!

    BTW ... thanks for following Reduce Footprints. I'm going to follow you, as well, and add your blog to my blog roll. If you have a chance to stop in tomorrow (Wednesday), we'll be posting the next "Change The World" challenge.

    Have a great day!

    Small Footprints


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