Friday, November 13, 2009

Because I'm a good wife

That's why I missed yesterday's post. My darling husband needed my computer as he is experiencing technical difficulties with his. Actually, he is still using it now and I have revived my 5 year old computer to bring you this riveting blog post. This computer is slower than molasses on a cold day so I won't be uploading much until I can reclaim my lap top, probably by tomorrow. And because I'm being so selfless, I don't think this should count against my NaBloPoMo record. Oh, what's that? No one cares? Oh, well in that case, forget I even mentioned it.

In other Soto household technology news, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet and, after a grueling surgery and hours of revival attempts, I am sad to say that it has passed on. But it was 3 years old so it lived a long life. Unfortunately, I lost all my pictures which is actually quite a bummer. Next time I will be sure to upload them to my computer and avoid further tragedy. On the bright side, I get to buy a new phone! My grand plan is to wait for all the huge deals they have on Black Friday and get a cool one. Up until now, I have always had a cheap-o one that does the bare minimum. No I-phone or Blackberry, but maybe something with a qwerty board and that takes good pictures.

I'll be back tomorrow with baby pictures, promise!

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  1. laaame excuse! does billy use the computer 24 hours a day? dont think soooo!! get in the game!!!!


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