Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wish List

My family has been asking what the twins would like for their first birthday. I asked Sebastian and Collette - they said, "mamamamama!" Maybe that means they want a new mom? Sorry, babies. Even Santa can't make that happen.

Here is what I think they might like:

Corn popper
Radio Flyer wagon with canopy
Board books (in English or Spanish)
Fake fruit/veggies (to go with the play kitchen we got them)
Sweaters (18m)
Busy Ball Popper
Bee Bop Band Play and Learn Drum
Sensory balls
PJs (18m)
Hooded towels

Additionally, I already got them fake shopping carts, doll strollers and a play kitchen. What else do you all suggest I ask for as a 1st birthday gift? Anything really awesome I'm missing??

(Could I ask for my family to chip in to train and pay a babysitter? That's kind of a gift for them because they would get to hang out with her...right?)


  1. I'm a fan of memberships to places, if you don't already have them. My two favorites are the zoo and the Audubon Society. The zoo is more expensive but in the next year as your kids start to walk, it's the greatest place to let them out of the stroller for a little bit. The Audubon Society isn't very expensive, and it's so worth the drive to Drumlin Farms at least a few times a year!

  2. I think the wagon would be my top recommendation. It's a gift to you, too, since you'll have it for years and it can eventually supplant the stroller. The xylophone that my girls got for their first birthday is still in use, so that's a great option.

    I like to do one big gift for birthdays, and one big gift for Christmas. We have a "no presents, just presence" birthday policy for the girls' party. We recently attended a birthday party for another set of G/G twins and Jessie was astonished at the pile of gifts. "Those are ALL for A&G? They didn't have any toys already?"

    A Children's Museum (if you have such a thing) membership would be a great gift.

  3. The wagon is a great idea. I loved our Radio Flyer (we had the All Terrain version to fit 4) and I'm so sad they've pretty much out grown it.
    I second the Children's Museum membership. We had a blast the year a family member gave us one.


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