Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Way Back Whenesday: Birthday Edition

As promised, many of these NaBloPoMo posts will be centered around birthday parties since that is on my brain lately.  And, for blogspiration, I am rejoining some blogs in their daily themes to keep me on track to post every day.  So, I have returned to Cheryl's Twinfatuation Way Back Whenesday and I'm taking things all the way back to the lovely 80s.  Hurrah!

First:  June 1984, My 3rd Birthday

Not sure if I am making this face because I'm so happy or because I'm pissed.  Knowing 3-year olds, I'm probably pissed.  Sorry, Mom.

Second:  November 1987, Auntie Kim's 4th Birthday (I think - does she look four in this picture??)

Auntie Kim must have known she would have to maneuver many a baby bottle!

What do you have hiding away in your old photo albums??  Bust 'em out and join us this week!!


  1. I hadn't heard of NaBloPoMo so thanks for the info! My New Year's resolution was to blog every day for a year... I kind of gave up on that around June... Kinda got blogged out!

    Great 80's pics! All my baby pics are still at my mom's house. Hee hee!

  2. Such a priceless party shot! ;)

    LOVE the looks WAAAAAAY Back! Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday, Nicole!

  3. HAHAH Look at your face. Love it :)


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