Saturday, November 14, 2009

Operation Sippy Cup: Complete!

We have said our final good-bye to bottles, nipples and liners in our house. Hurrah!! Sippy cups bring their own set of work (and mess!) but overall, I think this is much easier than bottles. They haven't mastered drinking them fully upright and refuse to drink from them in their high chairs. So, the we still have work to do but we'll get there.

To help them learn to drink sitting up straight, I give them water before and after meals in their special directors chairs that Auntie Kim scored for us. They do pretty well with it when the cup is full (and therefore easier to drink from) but can't empty is sitting that way. As with all things, though, practice makes perfect and they're getting better by the day! Here is Collette, showing off her skills:

Messy, but still...

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  1. question for you: (okay, 2 actually)
    1. how many liquid feedings are they doing? 3?

    2. how many ounces of formula (on average) are they taking at each feeding?

    we are working on cups, too! happy birthday soooo soon!


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