Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Guest Post: The Best Thing…

For NaBloPoMo, I asked Auntie Kim (and FavAuntie) if they would write a guest blog post for me. I promised them I wouldn't edit or censor - maybe just spell check. Auntie Kimis up first and has the honor of posting on Thanksgiving. And I'm thankful that I don't have to come up with a post for today. Hard to avoid the cheesiness.

The Best Thing...

There were so many great things that happened at Collette and Sebastian’s 1st birthday party. First of all, I really do enjoy any family get together – especially when all my siblings are there. When you add extended family, it only gets better (and louder)!

Seeing the 4 “grandkids” (or nieces and nephews to me) together is always memorable. Our nephew Ben, the oldest of the four kiddos, is always so mesmerized by the smallness of the twins. Watching him interact with them is so cute! Morgan, who is 2 ½ years old, was so good with them on Saturday – she left me very impressed! She was very good at sharing/passing toys (even though they weren’t hers!) to appease Collette and Sebastian. She, too, seems fascinated by them since she is used to being the smallest and getting all the attention!

Another great thing about the birthday party was all the presents!!! I know how much the twins love their toys so to see all of the new, fun stuff they got was awesome. I got some great candids of them and their new toys, the fake fruit/veggies being a definite favorite:

Although the babies did a good job during their party, they definitely were not acting like themselves. They weren’t nearly as talkative or hyper. This was not surprising to me as there typical afternoons don’t include cake, gifts, and 20 guests. They were out of their comfort zone and clearly overwhelmed by all the external stimuli. Nonetheless, they gradually got more comfortable and explored, played, opened (read: watched Mom open) gifts, inhaled cake, etc. Which reminds me, watching them “have their cake and eat it too” was so funny! They seemed a bit confused at first (as cake tastes nothing like their typical asparagus spear or roasted red pepper) but in a good way.

So…I always wonder if the babies know who I am, if they recognize me when I come over, if they know the sound of my voice, etc. Well, something happened at the birthday party that made me realize – yup – they do! In the beginning when Sebastian was being very shy, he kept looking for a familiar face. Nicole was usually busy doing something else so she wasn’t in view. Sebastian found me, crawled over, crawled on my lap and squeezed me tight. At first I thought, “Aww, how cute, he’s hugging me!” But when he wouldn’t let go and kept looking around (as if to say who are all these strange people and what are they doing in my house?) I realized he was holding onto me because he knows me, I’m familiar to him, he felt comfortable with me. I could have cried. But instead I just squeezed him back. And, in my opinion, this was the best thing that happened at the twins’ 1st birthday party.

-Auntie Kim

Thanks Auntie Kim! We love you!!

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  1. Yay Auntie Kim. Its great that the kids have a loving relationship with you and you make them feel safe.


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