Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fav Auntie is Coming!

My sister is mental. She booked a flight from San Diego to Boston for the Thursday before the twins' birthday and is leaving the Sunday after, which is also the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I think she is the only person travelling that weekend and returning before the holiday. Seems silly but, as she put it, the twins' first birthday is far more important. Take that, Pilgrims!

Either way, I am so excited she will be here. Since we will be in El Salvador for Christmas, it was going to be a LONG time before we all saw each other and the babies are growing and changing so fast - I hate for her to miss so much. So, Fav Auntie, let me brief you on where the babies are as of late:

Babbling lots but no real words
Furniture surfing like it's an Olympic sport
No more bottles (more on that later)
Practicing the spoon
Fighting over the walker toy
Still napping twice a day (thank the sweet Lord)
Loving Brown Bear, Brown Bear

That last one she'll especially like because it's actually, Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo and she can show off her impeccable castellano.

Can't wait to see you!!


  1. Cute post! So nice to have your sister here for the twins 1st Birthday!!

  2. yayyy!!! best post this month :) hehe well, so far! i am soooo excited to be there, i would hate to have missed their 1st bday ever! huge milestone!!! CAN'T WAIT!


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