Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 Months and counting (with Thursday Theater)

So, we have successfully hit the 5-month mark. Not that 5 months is some huge milestone but its another month down. Babies are still alive and well and I guess that's all that matters. And I'm alive and well. Does that matter??

So, I really thought that by this point, we would have ditched the nighttime feeding but, alas, we have not. Billy and I decided we will give them until after our vacation to correct this on their own or else they get Ferberized. Actually, I'm not sure if Billy know about the whole plan but I'll fill him in. Eventually. Or I guess he could just read it here with the rest of you. What a considerate wife I am.
Anyway, the fact that they haven't dropped the night feeding has led us to think that maybe they are just really hungry. According to the good Dr. Ferber this is probably not the case. Oh well. It was worth a shot. So, we figured we would give them a bit more milk in each of their daytime bottles (4 a day) and add in 1-2 *solid* food meals. And I have to say, so far, so good. As far as favorites go, its a toss up between bananas and sweet potatoes. Avocados were fine, they just don't seem to really love like they sometimes do with the others. Not sure what we will try next...In the meantime, here is a video of our first attempt at baby feeding. This video will of course be burned onto a DVD and stored next to their first bath videos so that we can easily embarrass them in front of their prom dates.

The challenge for this week was to add a soundtrack. I did this but it just sounds like we are listening to music in the background. Not sure yet how to get the music to play INSTEAD of hearing us on camera...

In other 5 month news, Sebastian is rolling and Collette is almost sitting (although I'm sure real sitting is still a long way off) and kinda/sorta standing with assistance. I have already shared a video of my rolling boy but here is Collette, "standing up", during our chair picture photo shoot.

So, some good gross motor stuff going on. In the fine motor department, the babies are definitely getting more grabby. I can no longer wear my hair down near Collette and Sebastian love rattles. He doesn't actually know to rattle them but he likes to hold them and try and get them in his mouth, albeit unsuccessfully. Practice makes perfect, Buddy. We're rootin' for ya.

And now, for posterity, here are their chair pictures. 5 months and counting.

This is also Collette's "First Jeans" Picture. I like to kill two birds with one stone.

I wonder what was going through her mind in this one. "Pose for a pretty picture" was definitely NOT it. Although she still looks cute. Naturally.

Sebastian hamming it up. Atta boy!

To find some other fun videos, head over to Goddess in Progress. I'm sure you will find much better editing than you did here.


  1. Cutie pies all around! And as for the music... whatever software you're using for editing, look for an option/setting called "ducking." That will let you adjust the video's audio relative to the music.

  2. I waited until both of my kids were 1 year old before doing the cry-it-out thing (I was a big wussy, and didn't have the heart to let them cry sooner). I was hopeful that they would outgrow it too. Never happened. But since doing the cry-it-out thing, both kids sleep great. Its a miracle!

    Good luck!

  3. LOVE the jean picture - so cute! I know what you mean about another month down. Each month seemed like a big deal to me with my twins :)

  4. haha i think the You & Billy soundtrack is much better than Lauren Hill "Too Good to Be True" (random?!!). it's fun to hear you guys talking to the babies :) plus soon they'll be making more noises & saying stuff so we want to hear! xoxo.

  5. I did CIO at 5 months and happy to dish with you about it. I did complete extinction - none of that "pat the kids on the back" crap. Your husband speaks to them in Spanish which is great - do you speak Spanish too? I was fluent about 10 years ago when I did 2 different study abroad tours of duty (Buenos Aires and Barcelona) but it is mostly gone now.

  6. For the avacado thing you can try bananacado (...or guacanana, depending on how you mix it!) I can't advise on the CIO....we did it for bedtime at 5 months but I was always too much of a sucker for the middle of the night wakings. But for us they did eventually outgrow it...thankfully :)

  7. Big smile on Sebastian! Really cute pics...

    You should be able to mute that track if you want to - what editing software are you using?

  8. Hey Nicole,

    The twins are so adorable. I have been reading your blogs all day long. And I must agree with Stacey "Fav Auntie" it is cute to hear you guys versus just a soundtrack. Congrats again on them they are so adorable.


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