Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today was a good day...

Today has been one of those days where things just go very well, from start to finish, with little to no effort on my part. How rare that is, especially with twin infants!! And so, I feel I must document this day in hopes that maybe writing it all down will make it happen again. Kind of like The Secret that Oprah is always squawking about. Who knows, right? It's worth a shot. :)

First off, today was the first day that I started naps in separate bedrooms for the twins, on the advice of the very wise Mommy, Esq. Yesterday, after the kiddos were in lala-land, I wrangled the pack'n'play up the stairs and into the guest bedroom. It's a tight squeeze but I got it in. As a bonus, the room is nice and dark because of the burgundy shades so its ideal for napping (I say this from personal experience, from my former life when I used to nap). Sebastian got his first taste of life away from Collette (sniff, sniff) and seemed to enjoy the experience. Nap #1 was still a short one, 50 minutes, but nap #2 (drum roll please...): OVER 3 HOURS! And Collette must have liked her privacy because she also had a +3 hour nap. And 2.5 of those were overlapping hours. Hell to the yeah!! I mopped, I watched DVR shows, I ate lunch uninterrupted, I played outside with the dog. It was glorious.

This afternoon, Sebastian had all this good energy from a such a restful nap and showed off with lots of rolling. He did it 4 times in a row! Atta boy!

To make this great day even better, my sister came over to help with the babies. It's always nice to have another adult around. Here she is, showing that even Auntie's of twins can earn their stripes - and how!

Lastly, it was a gorgeous day, so all 5 of us (twins, me, Auntie Kim and Lola pug) took a nice walk downtown, met approximately 17 other dogs, drank cokes, and walked back. I also discovered a new Reese's product - the Crunchy Peanut Butter Cup. Why didn't they think of this sooner?? Hello - crunchy peanut butter has been around for eons and you guys are just getting on this? Anyway, it was delicious and complimented my coke very well, not unlike a fine wine with a good meal. It was the perfect little surprise for an all around awesome day.


  1. I love those perfect days when you feel in control and life is great. Hold on to that for the not-so-good days. P.S. Your sister looks like you - I thought that was you until I read your post.

  2. Holy COW!! 3+ hours rocks :)

    And I agree - your sister does look like you :)

    I hope today goes just as well for you!

  3. Oh man, hooray for good days! A really good day can make up for a bunch of crappy ones... :-)

  4. hahah love this one!! a) the guest room IS the best room for napping/sleeping- love it! it will be a nice break from my floor to ceiling windows when i'm crashing in a couple of weeks! b) i totally thought of you when i first saw the crunchy peanut butter cups last week, hahahha...i've yet to try them but can't wait! c) omg sebas rolling over may be 1 of the cutest things i've ever seen in my life. and then his face when you are all excited like "pssst- mom, that is a piece of cake!" brush ya shouldahs off, sebas!! xoxo

  5. Wow, I am soooo jealous of the 3 hour nap. I didn't know it was possible- I thought it was an urban myth ;)


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