Monday, April 6, 2009

Makes My Monday: Sox Opener!!

Cheryl @ Twinfatuation hosts Make My Monday and I am joining in again. Although its Holy Week and we pretend to be Catholic, nothing Christian is making my Monday. However, another sort of religion is: the Red Sox!! If you are from Boston, or have ever been here, you know what I'm talking about. This is the one religion that everyone here follows, at least from April to October, November if we're lucky.

In honor of this holy sports day, the babies have donned their first Red Sox outfits - thanks Fav Auntie!! They might have to wait until next year to go to their first Sox game, but there's no reason we can't start indoctrinating them now, am I right? Here they are, the littlest members of Red Sox Nation:

The hats did not go over as well...


In unholy news, the twins have had a bit of sleep regression this past week. Wednesday night, Sebastian woke up at 1am for his middle-of-the-night bottle. This was weird because he had skipped that feeding altogether for 3 out the previous 5 nights and when he did take it, it was around 4am. His sister quickly followed suit and every night since then, both babies have woken up no later than 230am for their middle-of-the-night bottle. This, in and of itself, isn't so bad - I'm still only waking up once, its just a few hours earlier. They still get up at the same time in the morning.

But last night, one of my alone nights, they decided that sleeping was not nearly as exciting as crying. Sebastian woke up at 1030 (yes, I was asleep, had been since 9) because he escaped is uber-swaddle sack. Or, his forearms did. Re-wrapped and back to sleep. Then, they both were very awake at 1am, so I fed them, hoping they would stay asleep until 630. No such luck. They were awake from 415 until 515, necessitating many trips to the nursery to replace pacifiers, in hopes of calming them back to sleep. Eventually it worked and they stayed asleep until 630, at which time they both woke up, happy as pigs in shit. Mommy, not so much.

I know that this isn't really that awful. It's more just out of character for them. For the past month, they have been very predictable little sleepers, sleeping through the night a handful of times. So, its seems like this is a big step back and is trending worse with each night. Not sure why this is happening although one person's theory was that if they are hitting one developmental milestone, they may fall back in another. This may be our case since both little ones have been all about their hands lately, which I'll post about later, with lots of pics. Could this be the cause?? My hope is that it doesn't last and we can go back to our nice, calm, predictable overnight routine.


  1. Ick, sorry! We had the same bump in the road. I think for us it was the end of the swaddle (because it became their mission to escape!) and the beginning of solids. Although, I can't say that the solids helped the sleep situation. We just had to work our way back the hard way :P

  2. Go sox..we have got some little pink redsox hats I will have to break out! Sorry to hear about the sleep regression, we were there a few weeks ago! Exciting that they are finding their hands though!

  3. Oh man, bummer on the sleep regression! (And postponed opening day, too... my dad had plans to go to the White Sox opener today, which was also postponed.)

    Just stick with the good habits and routines you had, and hopefully the regression will pass. In the meantime, my full sympathies...

  4. oh man, i am soooo happy! those little outfits were SOOO worth the newbury st. boutique overpriced tags!

  5. Have you tried dream feeding them at 11:00? It works great for us! Of course now I have probably cursed us....

  6. Help I'm not anonymous I'm do I get my name on there so you don't think you have a stalker??? Technology is tricky...:)

  7. YAY Sox! We LOVE the BoSox down here in Richmond VA thanks to our Great-Grandpa, Papa.

    Your babes look adorable all decked out. :)

    Thank you for Making My Monday!

  8. cute babies. glad they don't like the yankees. as "fav auntie" requested, my ibterest and love of and internet stalking of the babes..should also be considered.

  9. GO SOX!!! Too bad they were rained out. Ah well - that means we have ... TODAY to look forward to :)

    Those are super cute outfits!!

    Sorry about the sleep regression :( Hope that is just a slight bump in the road and things get back to normal soon!

  10. They are four months, right? There is a four month sleep regression. We avoided it by starting to sleep Ned on his tummy - he could raise his head so it was good enough for me. This way we also didn't have to deal with swaddles - he went into the sleep sacks. Try it for a nap first (the 8:30/9:00 am nap). If you are comfortable you can expand - he was sleeping at night on his tummy right around 16 weeks.

    Love the outfits - I have an older photo of my kids in ones but the Evil Empire accidentally deleted them so I can't send you the link (but will add them back one day).


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