Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Theater: Goodnight Funnies

Bedtime at our house is still pretty uneventful (sorry babies - you're not ALWAYS so interesting...) but one thing that we've started doing really amuses me. Since I do bedtime solo a few nights a week, I needed something I could do with both nuggets to wind them down after their bottles. And what's better than reading a book?! Since I'm so unoriginal, I bought Goodnight Moon to read to them at night and add to our little routine. Well, Margaret Wise Brown, it appears you missed your calling as a comedienne. Or maybe I did. Either way, my plan to help the babies wind down backfired because, apparently, Collette thinks this shit is hilarious!

(Collette got a bit upset at the end there because she had a burp. And I haven't yet figured out how to film and burp a baby at the same time...)

Yes, Collette. I, too, find bowls full of mush very funny.

Sleep tight babies. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Head over to Goddess in Progress to check out some other very bedtime stories.


  1. That's some high comedy, there! :-) And I can recite that book from memory, for sure. A long-time standard. Daniel used to LOVE it.

  2. Great idea/video. Ned laughs like crazy when we read him his bedtime story. When he's tired everything is funny. It's pretty awesome. Husband reads Goodnight Maine which I think is the Worst Book Ever. Just to annoy me. I think we'll have to video it tonight.

  3. Whatever you do....don't read your little giggle monsters "Mr. Brown can Moo, Can you?"!

  4. Over from Candid Carries.

    Very cute :-)

    My twins, also a boy and girl, are now 30 :-)

    They used to love the Dr Suess books. Something about the rythm I guess, and the funny faces and voices I used.


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