Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta: Sisterly Love

It has come to my attention that my sisters are competing over who gets more "exposure" on my blog. Honestly, I never thought they would care about this silly thing I do, short of the pictures I put up of the twins. But they can see them on Facebook, so why bother coming over here?? Well, now they have a reason to - to see if they got a mention. So, to appease them, here is a shout out to them both.

Stacey is my first little sister. Little in the sense that she is younger than me, by 13 months. She outgrew me when she was about 4 and I have been wearing her hand-me-downs ever since. I remember when she was in Kindergarten, she told me that someone asked her if she was in the 3rd grade. This gave her a big ego and gave me a short-complex. I'm 5'4" which I just recently learned is average height. My family didn't get that memo - I'm the shortest by at least 4 inches. Hence, my collection of 4-inch heels.

Stacey lives out in San Diego now which sucks because that's way too far away. She claims to have moved out there for a great job but we all know its for the year-round tanning season and the rooftop pool. But even from 3000 miles away, she sends the twins oodles of love. And she is always ready to be on twin duty when she comes home. She will be here for my first weekend away from the babies and I know they'll be in good hands.

Kim is my second little sister. Again, just little in the younger sense. She lives nearby and helps out every week with the twins. She also has fun criticizing my homemaking skills and reminding me of all the items my kitchen lacks. I can't wait until she has kids - she will learn how fast housekeeping takes a backseat to a screaming baby(ies!). Well, in all fairness, housekeeping already had a backseat in this house... To keep things fair, I criticize her for not knowing common trivia and key SAT words. We are working on it - 7-8pm is designated for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Gotta keep the mind sharp. She usually beats me at Wheel but I kick her ass at Jeopardy. Lots of useless knowledge up in here.

So, in honor of these two, here is the only photo I could find of just the 3 of us. Yes, that's me with the day-glow skin, pulling on Kim's top (in my defense, I was drunk) and my lovely sisters, looking like they just got back from 2 weeks in the Caribbean - they hadn't. I'm pretty sure it was winter when this photo was taken...So.Not.Fair.

L to R: Stacey, Kim, Yours Truly
Hop on over to Candid Carrie's to find other bloggers' photo-stories. Always a nice way to start off the weekend.


  1. awww tear! hahahaha thanks cole! you're the best elder smaller sister a girl could ask for! xoxo

  2. Can I just tell you that "in my defense, I was drunk" is one of the best lines I've read in a LONG time!

    What gorgeous gals you and your competitive sisters are! ("Fav Auntie"'s blog moniker indicates you aren't exaggerating...LOVE it!)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Well, drunk or not, you're all cute :-)

  4. That pic is from New Year's Eve...ringing in Jose McIntire's in Boston, remember? I'm not nearly as competitive as Stacey! But since I am like a 3rd parent to them I just thought honorable mention every now and then would be nice =)


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