Monday, April 13, 2009

Makes My Monday: Easter and some TMI

I'm so lucky because I have TWO things Making My Monday this week. Let's start with yesterday - Easter! We had an impromptu family get-together with a surprise visit from my grandmother, now Great Grammy. All four generations had a great big brunch at my house. It was a nice day but not very Easter-y. With no little kids, there were no died eggs, no baskets filled with candy, no egg hunts. Just grown-ups, chowin' down and infants doing what they do - drinking milk, napping, crying, repeat. So, to make things feel a little more festive, I tortured my twins and got some great Easter pics. Here is my favorite:

(They actually LOVED the grass and I may have to keep it around as one of their favorite "toys" - Sebastian sat in that basket for about 30 minutes, happy as could be, so it really wasn't torture. I promise.)


The other thing making my Monday is breastfeeding. Yes, that's right. Breastfeeding. As some of you know (because you know me IRL or have read other posts about it), I have been pumping exclusively for my twins since they came home from the hospital. There were a myriad of reasons why I pumped and bottle fed instead of just breastfeeding. Now that my babes are almost 5 months old, a lot of those reasons are no longer a concern. And for a while now, I have been thinking about switching to breastfeeding but, to be honest, it seemed kind of overwhelming. They eat at the same time right now so how do I teach them to latch without feeding them one at a time? How do I know if they are getting enough? Will I still have to pump and feed them bottles after they breastfeed?

Well, I finally got up the courage to at least try and had my first bit of success this morning. With the help of a nipple shield (which I just bought this weekend, at last!!), Collette latched on just fine while Sebastian took a bottle with the help of the Milk Maid. After BFing for about 10-15 minutes, she took about an ounce from her bottle and was done! I felt so accomplished!! As the week goes on, I will try to breastfeed more often and hope that one day, I will be just breastfeeding and can use bottles for special circumstances. I am open to ANY and ALL advice from BFing moms out there as to how to make this transition work. I may see an LC but I'm a do-it-yourself kind of girl and love advice from real moms who have gone through these things themselves.

So, a very good Monday here in the Soto household! Check in at Twinfatuation to see how everyone else's Mondays are going.


  1. Hi Nicole~ I, too, have pretty much been pumping from day's hard with twins! They always gets the scheduled meals in bottles, but then I would breastfeed on demand in between. And now if one wakes up in the middle of the night, it's quicker just to breastfeed than to warm up a bottle. I have BF'd both at the same time using a Boppy and the double football hold...I just sit in the corner of our sectional couch and it works well, but is easier if hubby is there to help you position them. I made the decision to feed them in bottles b/c I knew that I would be going back to work when they were 4 months old. I started using the Playtex Nursers b/c those are most like mommy and hence the nipple confusion would be kept to a minimum. Luckily, they've had no problems in that respect and even though Colin uses Dr. Brown's bottles now, he still BF's just fine. Let me know if you have any questions! Oh and pump after they feed to empty them and it may give you an idea of how much they ate!

  2. There is a BF support group in Woburn I can give you details on if you want. Once each kid can latch on his or her own (with the shield) try to tandem - I found my energy was highest in the AM so I tandem fed them then. I owned 4 nipple shield! I tandem fed for 30 mins (or less), then both got bottles and I pumped when they went down for their AM naps. I have a Twin EZ Nurse pillow if you want to borrow it. If you do go LC route though find someone who comes to your house, not an office visit. I miss the BFing but definitely not the pumping! Good luck!

  3. Fun Easter, cute pics, and congrats on the BFing attempts!

    I totally understand being a do-it-yourself-er, but I STRONGLY recommend seeing a LC at least once or twice. Janice through Winchester Hospital is great, lots of experience with twin moms.

    Otherwise, I can't give any good BF advice since it didn't work out for us. But go on you!!!

  4. OMG. Where did you get those baskets?? They're awesome!! And make super cute pictures ;)

    And wow! Go you with the BFing try! I agree with Mommy, Esq....if you're able to do the tandem feeding, it makes things go so much faster. No great advice for you - I did the BFing and then topping off with a bottle thing (formula) since I could never produce enough.

  5. Hey Nicole, sounds like an exciting weekend! I breast feed each girl just once a day ( then finish with a bottle), and although there only getting a few onces they are getting some quality mommy bonding time- which with twins is a valuable commodity! I only got the tandem thing a few times but mostly just found it akward and uncomfortable for all three parties involved- but I bet if you can master it- it would make feeding go alot faster!Good Luck, Amanda at The ( need to be updated) Lily Pad

  6. Hey Nicole,
    Wow...I am really in awe of you making it this far pumping... and now ready to take on BF! That is wonderful! It is a lot of work but I agree with above posters that in the end it saves a lot of time. I think since you are introducing it now it may be helpful to talk to a LC...they may have ideas for your specific situation. We totally mastered the tandem BF without anyones help, first on the double nursing pillow and then on the boppy. I can talk you through it when you get there...for now I would try to continue to offer the breast until you feel like they can sort of latch without too much help then try tandem feeding (I never used a nipple shield but I can only assume it requires more hands...and you kind of need your two hands to keep them both on the pillow). We made it a little past 7 months before my supply issues and the boys size (and attention span) became too much of an issue. But if you can get past the early roadblocks it was a nice thing to be able to do! Is it possible to miss it and feel liberated that I don't have to do it anymore at the same time ;)
    Sending you Goodluck!

  7. Aw, sweet little Easter basket babies! So cute!

    And I also recommend Janice at Winchester Hospital. So very helpful!

    PS~~I have book recs for you up on my blog :)

  8. Oh my goodness, you are one awesome mama for snagging a photo of them in their easter baskets! I'm totally smitten :)

    Have no advice for the b/f part- I pumped but quit after 2 months or so because the NICU accidently ordered me too many nursette bottles of formula delivered via fed ex. I couldn't resist. lol

  9. I pumped exclusively with my daughter and breastfed exclusively with my son. My number one piece of advice is to trust your body. If they seem hungry, breast feed them - even if you just breastfed them 30 minutes ago. If you keep bottle feeding them after a nursing session, you'll never trust your supply. I literally fed Izzy every hour when he was little. By the time he was 6 months old, he was eating every 3 hours. And now, at 16 months, he still nurses three/four times per day.

  10. Wait, maybe you should feed them a bottle - how much milk are you able to pump? I guess it all depends on your supply. Maybe you should contact the LC...

  11. Oh Nicole, LOVE what the Easter Bunny left you! ;)

    Girl, I am SOOO a try to do it myself kind of gal too! We DID tandem nurse our duo and it went A-OK. (I absolutely would encourage a visit or two from an LC to help you get the hang of it...mine made me feel soooo much better!)

    Am going to email you the chapters from my book about how we coordinated....if nothing else, it'll give you a leaping point. :)

    Your motivation Makes My Monday!

  12. My only concern about Janice (who is nice and runs the support group) is that you are trying to feed in her office using her stuff. Much better to have a LC come to you in your home.


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