Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Congrats, Nikko!!

I feel old. My baby brother Nick, soon-to-be Godfather of my kids, the one who married Billy and me, is graduating from college. Soon enough, he'll get a real job and a real apartment (well, a nicer one, I hope...) and get up before noon on weekdays. Maybe play less beer pong. He's not making any promises.

FavAuntie, Jenn., Yours Truly, Auntie Kim and Amanda dressed for the occassion, back at Nick's HS graduation.
*On a side note, when telling my mother about this T-shirt idea, she asked, "Where are you going to find white T-shirts??" Really, Mom? Are you sure you don't drink when no one is looking?

The graduation is in dowtown Boston at noon, otherwise known as nap time. Awesome. Thankfully, I will have FavAuntie and Auntie Kim to help me wrangle the twins and of course Grammy and Grampa will be there, too. FavAuntie is coming in from San Diego for the big event and will be watching the kiddos while I escape motherhood for a couple days. Still working on the list of "how to get through two days with 5 month olds infants and not commit any major crimes" - as you can imagine, the list is rather long. I'm on page three and going strong. Good luck, FavAuntie. You're in for a treat.


In baby news, Collette slept unswaddled for the first time last night. I have talked about ditching the swaddle for so long that when it happened, I thought it would be a much bigger deal. But it happened so randomly. First off, she hardly fits in the uberswaddle sack and actually has chafing on her pinky toes where they rub up against the sack. And I can barely get the velcro part wrapped around her and that's how she broke free, undisturbed, Tuesday morning. So, I figured we should ditch it - it obviously wasn't working and she slept even after she escaped it. I put her to bed in the same sack we use for naps and that was that. No issues, no waking in the middle of the night. One little nugget of success to get me through what has been kind of a rough (half of a) week. I'll take what I can get!

Sebastian - you're next!!

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  1. Congrats on the no swaddle overnight! I don't even want to think about going sans swaddle just yet!!!


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