Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vacation Practice: Take 1

As all things with the twins require a bit of practice, we did our first trial run of outdoor playtime/feeding time yesterday. It was so nice and warm, I simply couldn't resist. And we leave for the Cayman Islands in just a couple of weeks so we definitely need to practice! I set up the sun dome with boppies and toys for tummy time and their car seats for feeding. They were starving so I fed them first. They had no problem eating outside and were ready to play once their tummies were full.

Collette, rocking the Gilligan look - she refused to wear the elastic band hat. She always has her tongue out, a habit she must have picked up from Lola.

Sebastian didn't mind his elastic band hat. They are so geeky, they're cute! He's spying a toy in front of Collette. And so begins twin toy envy...

Lola had to mark her territory and get in on the photo action. After all, the backyard is her turf!

I was diligent about keeping the babies out of the sun. That was smart because once I got inside, I realized I had quite the sunburn on my arms and shoulders. Never expected that from April in New England...

Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend. We are going to try solid food today so I'll be sure to post about that tomorrow!!


  1. I love the little sun tent. What a great idea!

  2. What great take a bit more planning with two, don't they? :)

  3. I live in the tropics, and was OBSESSED with protecting my twinnies from the sun their first year of life. We made it a whole year with 0 sunburns- woot! Now that their 14 months, I've lightened up a bit. I still put screen on them of course, but I don't stress out as much. I think I had this idea they were like vampires and would die or be horribly maimed if exposed to direct sunlight. Luckily, that's not the case ;) P.S. I highly recommend Badger sunscreen. It stays on like spackling paste and doesn't have the nasty chemicals most other sunscreens contain.

  4. haha omgggg i love how they are all squinty eyed outside! and loo protecting them, per usual. 9 more days- cannot wait! xoxo


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